Bethan Seller

Gate Director, Bethan Seller, made the unimaginable a reality with the ‘Welcome to a World without Rules’ campaign film for paint brand Rust-Oleum. Discover how we did it below.


Director – Bethan Seller

Agency – Drummond Central

Client – Rust-Oleum

Producer – Hollie Newton

Production Manager – Lindsay Cowan

DOP – Paul Mortlock

Gaffer – Chris Sarginson

Photographer – Garrod Kirkwood

Wardrobe – Abigail Simpson

Hair and Makeup – Lou McCann at LM Represents

Colour Grade – Tetragrade

Location – The Foundry Film Studios

Air date – 6th Aug 2018


The Brief.

Newcastle-based creative marketing agency, Drummond Central, needed a film to showcase the ‘Make it Yours’ campaign for decorative paint brand, Rust-Oleum. The film needed to reinforce Rust-Oleum’s mission to encourage people to upcycle and create a world without rules. Whoever you are, wherever you are, all you need to do is pick up a paint brush (or spray paint) and make it yours.

Rust-Oleum - Bethan Seller - Upcycling

The Mission.

Rust-Oleum’s audience is incredibly diverse so we needed a film that would appeal to an exciting assortment of personalities.

We had the perfect creative spark for the job. With her natural artistic flair and playful style, Gate director, Bethan Seller set to work on capturing a mixture of characters each with their unique idiosyncrasies and quirks in an aesthetically exciting way. Not only did we need to showcase relatable personalities, but we needed to make the products shine too.

The Result.

If we were able to open up Bethan’s mind and step inside, this would be it. She blew us away with her vision for the film and the characters. We had the Bubble Gum Girls, The Twins, The Accountant and The Toymaker.  

The Bubblegum Girls love chewing on their delicious, sweet treats so much so that they’ve introduced candy colours into every aspect of their home. Pastel tones and feminine textures instantly create a living room straight out of a sweet shop.

The Gate Films - Bethan Seller - Rust-Oleum - Make it Yours - Bubblegum

The Twins share a room, but they couldn’t be more different in taste and style. One twin is a lover of muted and Scandi palettes while the other loves bright colours and clashing patterns.

The Gate Films - Bethan Seller - Rust-Oleum - Make it Yours - Bubblegum

The Accountant loves everything from the 80s, but dares to give her retro surroundings a modern twist with copper and rose gold. Offset with feminine pastels, her workspace become a place of tranquility with an edgy twist.

The Toymaker wanted his workshop to be straight out of a children’s storybook. Bold primary colours reflected his fun creations, making a space to fuel his creativity.

The Gate Films - Bethan Seller - Rust-Oleum - Make it Yours - Toymaker.

Each character, unique and special in their own way, has one thing in common. A love for creativity and colour. Rust-Oleum gives them the freedom to make their space a haven and to set their imagination on fire.

Words from Bethan…

“The freedom to create any character and world my heart desired with no holdbacks is (surely!) something that every director dreams of.  It was a pleasure to work with an agency and client who were so open to and on board with my vision and ideas, and it was a joy to work together to shape and steer the characters to create such a playful piece of work.

Myself and the team spent weeks trawling through salvage yards, getting lost in second hand shops and pouring over old Gumtree adverts across the country to make sure every prop was perfect. Even the guys at the agency were raiding through their attics to see what treasures might be hidden beneath a layer of dust! This project was the epitome of the phrase ‘a team effort.'”

The Feedback.

“Now that the Rust-Oleum campaign is all done and looking absolutely unreal, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help to make our idea a reality in a way that is so much better any of us could imagine.

We couldn’t have done it without you, even though we changed our minds on props and paints (a few times) you were always happy to help and nothing was a bother. It’s been one of the smoothest TV commercial productions ever and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you, Bethan and the team.

The finished thing is an absolute work of art, the characters were really well thought out and the whole thing was brought to life in the most detailed way.”

Nicola Elgie, Account Director, Drummond Central.

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