Bert & Bertie

Created by Chris Watson and Rufus Wedderburn and agency produced by Helen Clyne of The Leith Agency, produced by our own Victoria Watson, here is director Bert and Bertie’s latest advert for The Scottish Sun Newspaper.

The ad was to be both an introduction and overview of what 2014 has in store. Cue Bert and Bertie, our magnificent female directing duo. Yes Bertie had a bun in the oven and was due to pop immediately after the shoot but there was no stopping them.

The Directors took the Creatives’ vision and made it both a visual and audio assault, whilst simultaneously making it an arresting statement. The Berts and Production were well aware of what was required, that the words and their paired images needed to be moments in time, each image telling a story like articles in The Scottish Sun. They needed to arouse but never confuse, trigger thought but also laughter.

The content is a mix of stock footage and live action. We shot in Edinburgh, in and around Leith, comprising 16 shots in 1 day over 12 hours with unit moves between 4 locations and 1 studio.

Meetings were an extreme version of the word association game. Fair to say the Creatives’ scoured the English Language and Scottish dialect for appropriate words, all the while pairing complimenting or contrasting visuals. Stock footage was auditioned over and over for each word. The tight time frames and sheer quantity of visuals to collate and conclude resulted in minor marble loss but wholeheartedly found again once we saw the rewarding results of everyone’s labour. We knew we had a lot to cover on the shoot day but made easy peasy as always by all of those involved.

The end product executes both the Creatives’ and Bert and Bertie’s vision – a stream of micro stories in one dynamic and inspiring film.

What a fantastic piece of film to produce. A film to provoke, inspire, question and seduce. They say a picture tells a thousand words… you decide.