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Sven is not Swedish and is not blonde, he was born in Sheffield where as a youth he sported blue hair and played bass guitar in a band that supported The Clash. His career began as a graduate of the Fine Art, Communication Arts course at Sheffield school of Art. This and his passion for music lead him to become a renowned music video director, shooting promos for the like of Jamie Cullem, Gabrielle, Beautiful South and Jamelia. Sven loves working with choreographers and dancers to make ‘film musical’ style ads. He also loves a shallow depth- of -field, lens flares, backlight and creatinghighlights on shiny, beautiful stuff. This frequently location-led, ‘photographic’ approach to film-making has lead to him shooting projects in such far-flung territories as China, Ethiopia, Cuba, Croatia, South Africa, Morocco and Spain. Sven has also directed several widely-acclaimed spots for environmental campaign groups such as Greenpeace, the Environmental Justice Foundation and WildAid.