Matt Winn


First the boring stuff. Matt has made over a hundred commercials and had successful collaborations with top London agencies including M&C Saatchi, Grey, St Lukes, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT. He’s directed ads for many international and national brands such as Bells Whiskey, Burger King, the Financial Times and the BBC. But Matt doesn’t just direct top end commercials. He’s also a writer and director of feature films, shorts, pilots, you name it. He’s written scripts for Channel 4, Fox Searchlight, The Film Council and Lionsgate. He’s also found the time to squeeze in an album deal with Virgin, a top 50 record and to play one of the main stages at Glastonbury. Matt’s known for his innate ability to coax amazing performances out of adults and children alike. He’s great at comedy and his work is extremely naturalistic, to the extent that people often think his ads are improvised. Believe us – they aren’t. Every line is scripted. With a mere 7 awards under his belt from the Scottish Creatives 2012, including ‘best campaign’ for the ‘Sterling Superstar’ campaign and ‘best interactive campaign’ for Scottish Road Safety, Matt’s made an impact in the world of viral campaigns. Combine these talents with the action and drama from his recent feature films and you get a director who can who can perform across all genres and platforms. Matt is currently posting his latest movie, ‘The Hoarder’, a thriller starring Mischa Barton (‘The Sixth Sense’) and Robert Knepper (the terrifying T-Bag from ‘Prison Break’). Have a look at his work. Yes, we think he’s good too.