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Cosmo Wallace bio

Funny. Tragic. Georgeous. Ugly. People. Objects. The styles and subject matters vary enormously, but one thing about the work of Cosmo Wallace stays rock solid: his passion. No interest in bland, tried-before stuff: every shot gives you a feeling, every cut tells you a story. No matter the scale of the production, his aim is to make everybody feel that passion: cast, crew, client, camera and audience. Cosmo has directed commercials across four Continents: in the air, on land, under water. Not content with familiarizing himself with all shoot environments, he has also worked professionally in nearly every role in production: as a copy editor, as a creative, as a camera assistant and as a director of photography, as an editor, as a motion graphics artist. Two of his four feature-length screenplays have placed in international screenplay competitions. He was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent award for writing in 2008. He is currently working on his first feature which will be going into production in 2014. When not working, Cosmo spends most of his time telling tall tales and going on adventures with his dog, Carlos.